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The Leading Medical Cannabis Data Company
Mobile app


Start by selecting which symptoms you want to treat, then create a product library of the products you own.
Track your usage. Each tracked session earns you valuable points towards rewards, discounts and more!

Some of the Strainprint™ App’s features include:
  • Session History
    Search past sessions by effects. Of course you can’t remember which strains made you feel most relaxed. Strainprint does that for you!
  • Personal Log
    View your personal log book of all tracked sessions. Share the results with your healthcare provider so they can see how your treatment is going.
  • Learn and Compare
    Learn which strain types, THC + CBD levels, ingestion methods and dose amounts work best for your symptoms. Compare which strain is ranked #1 in efficacy for your symptom.
  • Earn Strainpoints™
    Earn loyalty points for every tracked session. Redeem points for great swag and discounts!
Our Community

Creating a Community for medical cannabis patients was always a part of Stephanie’s vision for Strainprint. Her passion for helping patients use cannabis better drives her ideas. After the creation of the Strainprint App and Loyalty program (Strainpoints), the Strainprint Community was the next piece of the puzzle that was missing.

In 2017, Steph met Ashleigh Brown, founder of the Facebook Community Group SheCann. The two bonded over their shared passion for helping others in ways that made people feel safe and comforted. They knew they had to collaborate on creating a compassionate, kind community where people could connect, support and learn from each other and industry experts. After much conversation, the two worked together to map out the incredible Strainprint Community platform you see today. Their dedication and understanding of patients’ experiences is remarkable and will continue to be the focus of Strainprint Community.

Community features

The Strainprint Community was built intentionally for users of all knowledge levels, and meant as a place to learn, engage, and support. Join us as we discuss cannabis, in good company.

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