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Growing your own cannabis can be financially rewarding as well as fulfilling, because you get to be involved in the entire process from germination on. You will be able to play the role of legal master cultivator and grow cannabis that is tailored to your specific needs and tastes. Growing the cannabis yourself means you know exactly what goes into the process, so you will never have to wonder what pesticides, fertilizer, or other garden amendments may have been utilized. Cannabis cultivation is an exciting hobby and gives you the freedom to take personal control of your own medicine.

We understand that growing your own legal cannabis may seem overwhelming, so we created a Growing Concierge Service to provide you with everything you need to begin the process. We have a number of packages available and provide in-house infusion classes, email/phone/FaceTime support and even home visits during the grow cycle!

Grow licenses have an application fee of $150/year

Top 5 Reasons You should grow Your own cannabis


Many people worry that if they can’t keep a houseplant alive, growing cannabis indoors will prove too difficult. I was one of those people!

My first grow was a learning experience. I left lights on too long, I didn’t water my plants every night, and I either pruned too much or too little. Generally speaking, I didn’t have guidance and I didn’t know what I was doing. Despite all this, my plants turned out amazing! I was so relieved, and amazed to find that I really could grow cannabis.

The most important part of having a successful first grow is getting set up by someone who knows what they are doing. It is not as simple as buying a random light, Miracle-Gro, and using dirt from your backyard. Investing time to figure out what plants you want to grow, what system you want to use, and what time commitment you feel you can make will go a long way!


The large price tag that goes along with a full four-plant growing set-up can dissuade the average person. This cost needs to be weighed against your own variables, so ask yourself questions like:

How much cannabis am I consuming?
How much am I paying for that cannabis?
How much do I stand to save?

Let’s use two points as an example:

  • The Herb Clinic in St. Albert offers an installed four-plant grow set-up for $3600. This set-up can produce 500-800 grams of dried cannabis every 8-12 weeks.
  • The national average of cannabis consumption is 2.1 grams per day.

Given this information, let’s consider the financial benefits of growing your own cannabis given three different price points. Here, we can weigh the pros and cons of home-growing vs. not within the context of what is more cost-effective.


A person would spend $504/month on cannabis. To pay off The Herb Clinic grow unit it would take 7 months. In these 7 months, you would complete 2 full crops having a total between 1000-1600 grams. In this time, you will have only bought 447.3 grams.

AT $10/GRAM:

A person would spend $630/month on cannabis. To pay off The Herb Clinic grow unit it would take 5 3/4 months. In these 5 3/4 months, you would complete 1 full crop and your second would be in the flower stage having a total between 500-800 grams. In this time, you will have only bought 359.1 grams.

AT $12/GRAM:

A person would spend $756/month on cannabis. To pay off The Herb Clinic grow unit it would take 4 3/4 months. In these 4 3/4 months, you would complete 1 full crop and be starting your second, having a total between 500-800 grams. In this time, you will have only bought 299.25 grams. So again, ask yourself, “How much cannabis am I consuming, and is growing right for me?”


Gardening allows us all to be nurturers. It gives us a sense of responsibility and allows us to connect to other living things. Spending time growing your own plants reduces stress levels and promotes improvements in mood. It helps us relax and let go, allowing us a chance to focus on the positives in our lives.

A study done in the Netherlands tested the hypothesized stress-relieving effects of gardening. They took gardeners, had them perform a stressful activity then randomly assigned either gardening or reading to their test group. To measure the effects, they used cortisol salivary tests and self-reported mood. Both gardening and reading led to decreased cortisol, but the decrease was larger in the gardening group.

The link may be found here.


From the strain you grow to the final product you consume, growing your own cannabis allows you the freedom to choose what you grow, how you grow it, and what type of product you consume at the end.

Strain selection can begin with finding seeds in a batch of something you like, purchasing seeds from a reputable source, receiving clones as gifts from friends already growing, or, if you’re a medical patient, signing up with a Licensed Producer and receiving clones directly from them.

Growing your own cannabis lets you choose what goes into your grow with the freedom of multiple places to access these materials.

Choosing which nutrients to use, which growing medium (soil, coco, etc.), which lights to use, and so on, are all additional steps under your control. Sitting down with an experienced grower can make a big difference in facing these decisions.

Most cannabis farmers average 0.7-1.3 grams per watt, choosing a good quality light will make a large difference in your garden!

If you don’t like to smoke cannabis or you’re looking for a particular strength of oil, that’s okay! Growing your own allows you many options of consumption. Cannabis that is in its vegetative state is going to keep producing leaves, and these leaves may be juiced and have many dietary benefits when consumed this way. As cannabis growers we are able to create our own oils, topicals or concentrates — the power, and the power to choose, is in our hands!


Whether you’ve built a new deck, cooked an incredible meal, or grown your own cannabis, each experience is more satisfying because you’ve done it yourself. Knowing what went into growing your cannabis — from the trimming, the feeding, or the singing (we don’t just) — will only help you enjoy the end result more. Enjoying your first harvest is a moment you won’t forget, and will inspire you to keep growing, learning, and producing a better final product!

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