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As a veteran, if you have submitted a claim for injury with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and have been given a disability award, you are able to request cannabis coverage through VAC. Book an appointment with a Physician or Medical Cannabis Clinic that works directly with VAC, and be sure to bring in a copy of your Summary of Assessment to see if you are eligible for cannabis therapy.
If you’re unsure whether you have a summary of assessment, you can call VAC and speak to an operator. By using your K# they will be able to see if you have a summary of assessment and forward you a copy. You may also check in with your case-worker who can do this on your behalf. This document must forward on your behalf by the prescribing doctor or clinic to a licensed producer of your choice to give you access to your coverage. Some Licenced Producers offer immediate coverage for Veteran Patients, while other Licenced Producers will have you pay the upfront cost until they have received confirmation from VAC.
Currently VAC covers veterans for 3 grams of cannabis a day, at $8.50 per gram, however, if your injury requires more than the 3-gram limit you can apply to have an exemption letter with the corresponding specialist that you require. Example: PTSD must be written by Psychiatrist. The exemption letter is reviewed by VAC for approval. Exemption letters may only be written by a specialist that meets requirements and whom have registered with VAC and Medavie Blue Cross.
As well with covering the costs of cannabis, VAC is offering coverage for vapes for veterans as a harm reduction approach to smoking, covering the cost of a vape up to $300 every 3 years. You can either purchase a vape on your own AND submit receipts for reimbursement or shop at a clinic or store that works with VAC.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Cannabis can only be transported with you while you are in Canada, it is illegal to cross international borders with your products. This includes CBD products. Have your cannabis in your carry-on bag and declare this at security. Your script size determines the amounts you are allowed to carry. Medical patients are allowed to travel with 1 month’s supply, up to 150 grams. For example, 5 grams a day script allows you to travel with the current maximum in Canadian laws of 150 grams for medicinal patients.

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